You’re allowed to be a good person and survive this pandemic.

Every person wants to think they are a good person. But when you willfully defy the good, hard-earned advice from scientists just because you “don’t like” something, you have to question the “good person” goal. People try to bend the rules :“well if I’m outside, talking at the open window-counter inside to the person 2 feet away, it’s ok to not wear a mask right?” People try to have their parties “no matter what,” or because they are simply tired for trying so hard. This is not how it works. We have to follow the evidence. And the evidence says, make no exceptions. Socially distance. Cancel your parties. Wear. A. Damn. Mask.

I can promise you that in no way did your country or anyone else conspire to exacerbate a pandemic just to control you and force you to wear a tiny piece of cloth on your face. Please just wear the mask. If not for you, for all of us. So we can open back up and resume our lives.

Are you a good person? Do you want to be? Prove it. Make the right decision, over and over again. And eventually it will become habit to be kind to others and unselfish in your actions. Habits create lifestyle. And it can be your lifestyle to be a good person AND survive this pandemic.

Love, Dr. Yang

Cartoon by the hilarious @theawkwardyeti