Spread the word – Covid isn’t gone.

This story is getting old, but seems like it still needs to be told over and over again. I just admitted a COVID patient who is young (early 30s) and has no medical problems who went from room air to requiring HFNC (remember the equipment I said was running frighteningly LOW in my post last week?!) and is now on the brink of intubation within the 8 hours since I admitted her. This could be you.

So let’s reiterate the points: 1) COVID-19 is not just a “bad flu”, 2) Today I can use an anti-virals, steroids, and other experimental therapies to help COVID-19 patients navigate more safely through their disease course. I didn’t have any of these options 3 months ago. I hope this patient will survive because of these new discoveries. What other tools will we have to fight COVID 3 months from now? Delay getting this disease as long as you can – we will have a better chance to cure you and get you through this terrible disease.

Thanks for listening and spread the word.

Love, Dr. Yang

**Radical art and mural by @austinzart