Why you should go for a run

As many of you know, I love to run. Anywhere, anytime. On the beach, in the forest. In the morning, at night. But my favorite time to run is at sunrise when I am traveling. There is something about watching a city wake up that sparks a soft-spoken relationship, as though it is ready to share its most intimate secrets. It feels like the city is sleeping naked and, when you watch the storeowners open their shops, and bleary-eyed morning commuters emerge from their apartments, the city reveals what outfit it will to wear that day. From its knickers to its jacket. To watch it awaken, stretch, brush its hair, and start its day… you really get to know it in its freshest state. It’s my very favorite. And Bilbao put on a pretty Indian-summer frock for me when I visited. One that sways with the wind and swings when it twirls. One that is light enough for the September humidity, but long enough to cover its knees. A wrap around dress. With pockets. Thanks for waking up and looking pretty for me, Spain. Plus. I got in 5 miles before 9am. Hopefully that earned me my churros y chocolate for breakfast. πŸ˜‰ this photo is of me, post run. Frock applied later πŸ˜‰