Unattachment. ¿Como puedes ser libre?

The Spanish word for “unattached”, is also the direct translation for “free.” Libre. Free. In yoga, we often use the term “unattachment” to refer to things that we should not attempt to hold on to or control. In the yogic system, we seek to rid ourselves of the ties that bind us to our ego self and open ourselves to all the possibilities… without any qualifying prerequisites. When we meditate, we seek unattachment for our thoughts. When we breathe; we seek unattachment to our flawed minds and human bodies What if we were able to simply use the word “free”? I am free from the bindings of requiring a certain outcome to be happy. I am free from my ego self. I am free to accept that things will happen beyond my control and desires, and be ok with it. I am free to open my heart to all the possibilities without everything going as planned. Because when we free ourselves, anything could happen. And usually, it’s exactly what we need. What can you free yourself of today? ¿Como puedes ser libre?