Dr. Yang advises on how to safely trick or treat during the pandemic

Excerpts from the original article: https://www.glamour.com/story/is-it-safe-to-go-trick-or-treating-during-a-pandemic-experts-have-recommendations

Rethink how you’re handing out—and taking!—treats.

“Regarding how to keep yourself safe when handing out candy, there is no good way if kids get close to you,” explains Ingrid Yang, M.D., a hospitalist physician in San Diego. “So if you still want to stand outside, I’d recommend setting up a table and keeping yourself six feet from the table. Be sure you are still wearing proper PPE. Handing out candy will be more of a ‘watch them grab a piece or a baggie from six-plus feet away,’ but can still be very rewarding and fun.”

The bottom line.

Halloween is going to look different this year—and that’s okay! While you’re thinking about the virus, don’t forget to consider other safety precautions you should take on Halloween—be smart around traffic, take only packaged treats from people you don’t know, and ensure that children are adequately supervised.

“You’ve just got to remember, even though we are sick and tired of this virus, the virus is not tired of making us sick,” Amler says. “That’s the hardest thing.”