Doctors suffering because of COVID-19

As of today, 51 Italian doctors have died from COVID-19…. Take that in. It’s not just the elderly and the infirm who are dying from this. It is young, intelligent, healthy people. All of whom contribute greatly to our society and to humanity, all of whom did not need to die, and died much too early. It could be you. It could be me. It could be any of us.

Please stay home. Please. Now is not the time to relax the rules. I get it, you are sick and tired of being at home. Maybe you don’t cook well. Maybe you are tired of only talking to your spouse. I, too, miss meeting with friends for dinner, and going to my favorite work out classes (shout out to @sbmetz24). But there is nothing more important you could be doing right now than staying home. Because when you stay home, you save lives. Your life. My life. All of our lives.
To those 51 Italian doctors, I remove my hat, hang my head low for you. Thank you for your sacrifices and your service. Thank you for serving your fellow humans with, literally, everything you had. Thank you for leaving your families and this body to give us a chance at life. Thank you.

For all of us, today, in honor of the 51 Italian doctors. Stay home. With purpose. With conviction. With love. With gratitude. . . . . . .