2021, here we come

Ready for new beginnings…

In 2020, we had barely finished ringing in the new decade when COVID-19 engulfed the world. We have learned to connect virtually with family and friends, sharing thanks, love and well wishes. There are also those who will have an empty seat at the table for the holidays, having experienced profound loss this year as a result of a virus that has claimed so many. I hold each and every one of you in my heart for what you have experienced in 2020 and the circumstances that surround what turning over of the new year might mean to you this season.


2020 has been a reset

The year forced us to understand the difference between need and luxury. In a state of lockdown, we all spent more time with family. Being stuck at home, we discovered ways to maintain our sanity and thus creativity bloomed – old hobbies turned into new passions. This year has taught us how much we depend on one another. Our health systems, food systems and supply chains are all connected. We can truly come out of this crisis when we have the mindset for a reset.


Make room for joy and what you hold important

We each feel as though we have experienced a lifetime’s worth of challenges this year, but also much joy and gratitude. I received a card from one of my retreatants from last year’s New Year’s retreat in Mexico. She reminded me that I had asked my students to dig deep for clarity of what they held important. For her, this year brought that clarity – her family is her saving grace. The query still rings integral one year later…. What do you hold important in this moment? During this year?


Stay connected

As I have said many times in the past: connection is what makes us and keeps us human. Do your best to stay connected to the things and people you love. Whether it is a walk in nature, watching a sunset, calling a friend; stay connected. I, for one, am immeasurably grateful for for you. And I hope that this year will bring us back together in some format, whether it is virtually or in person.