What inspires you to write?


The answer is different for everyone. For me, my inspiration comes from reading the works of great authors. Inspiring authors. Those that have lived through adversity so they could retell their stories of triumph and share the lessons they learned. Authors with different interests., and writers with completely different lives.


So when I read, I am inspired to write. And when I write, I seek to connect. I do not purport that I have anything particularly sanguine to share in my writing, simply my experiences and desire to connect. It is how we have been connecting since we learned how to carve images onto walls of caves. Something left there for future generations to read and understand their roots.


And now I have co-authored this book, my second, entitled Adaptive Yoga. It is a book that I hope opens doors for many people, students and teachers alike. It is a book that I hope sets a new direction for yoga and its therapeutic benefits. It is a book that, I hope, makes a difference in someone’s life, the way that many of the books I’ve read have inspired me. (If you haven’t read “Better” by Atul Gawande, it was one of my inspirations for going to med school!).


The book is releasing this week, and despite the book being written, I continue to write. I am writing articles for magazines about the book and blog posts about my experiences. I am writing outlines for podcasts so I can spread the good word of Adaptive Yoga. I do so with both a love for writing and a fear of judgment. It is hard to write about yourself and your experiences. It is difficult to explain to others what is from your heart.


I am not sure what I will write next, but I hope I continue to be inspired to write. And with that, I will continue to read the works of others in hopes I can be heard and connected the way I feel I hear and connect with the authors I love. When inspiration comes from others, their legacy lives on in me, and in those that read what I have written. Thank you for reading with me, and for helping me write by inspiring me. I hope you write something today too, and dedicate it to the authors who inspire you. Love, Ingrid