Adaptive Yoga Training
A 14-Hour In Person or Livestream Training for Yoga Teachers and Medical Professionals

DATES: Saturday, July 22 – Sunday, July 23, 2023

At Prana Yoga Center, in La Jolla, CA (San Diego)

Cost: $475 before June 1/ $525 thereafter

Ingrid Yang, MD, JD, E-RYT-500, C-IAYT, Author of Adaptive Yoga and Jennifer Chang, DPT, E-RYT-200, C-IAYT, Founder of The Movement Mechanic invite you to join us in learning how to design and teach yoga to students with disabilities in a safe and therapeutic environment. Learn how to design a class, workshop, or therapeutic program for students living with functional impairments due to:

– Low Back Pain
– Stroke causing hemiplegia and other deficits
– Spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia
– Lower extremity amputations
– Cerebral palsy
– Parkinson’s disease
– Multiple sclerosis
– Rheumatoid arthritis

In this training you will learn:

-The altered anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology of each disease process and their respective functional deficits
-The mind-body principles behind yoga that have helped students living with trauma, loss or disability live fuller, richer lives.
-Yoga postures appropriate for students with all types of disabilities and their therapeutic advantages, contraindications, and modifications
-How yoga can help to reduce pain, build muscle mass and bone, and foster a healthy lifestyle to supplement physical and medical therapies.
-Understand the science behind supported poses using breathing, meditation, and visualization to increase motor skills and activate the parasympathetic response to optimize relaxation and function.

*Students are required to purchase the book Adaptive Yoga: designed for various conditions and disabilities. Available on This will be the main text for the training. An additional PowerPoint presentation will accompany the livestream training and book text.

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