The “Giving” in Thanksgiving

We are coming up on the week giving thanks, and as cliche as it may be, it is worthwhile to take a few moments to reflect both on your thanks, and also your giving. We often focus our efforts during this time of year thinking of what we are thankful for. It is an important and integral exercise for whole-hearted living. But let’s also take a moment to think about the “giving” portion of Thanksgiving. And not just about whether we are giving enough, but are you giving in the right ways? Are you investing energy into the things that support your heart and growth? And how much of your time do you spend thinking about how you can meaningfully contribute to your community? Giving is not just about one day a year, but about a lifetime of devotion and love. It’s about working through the discomfort and finding grace in unexpected places. It is about discovering aspects of our heart that you did not know existed, until they are unveiled by the act of giving. If we open up our hearts enough to give, truly, we uncover a fertile medium for unparalleled love and growth.

So this Thanksgiving, what can you give more of? What can you open your heart to? How can you find the devotion that you seek? I hope you share your thoughts of giving with me, so I can learn from and grow with you too. Love, Ingrid