Vinyasa (Power):

Ingrid's All Levels Vinyasa classes are lively, energetic, flowing classes synchronizing breath with movement. You will build strength, flexibility, and focus while practicing pranayama and meditative techniques, cleansing the body and calming the mind. Every class that Ingrid teaches is class is unique to suit the ability and aspirations of the students attending.  You can always expect a great energetic and strength building experience combined with breath work (pranayama) and precise alignment cues to avoid injury and liberate the body.

Cancer Therapy Yoga:

This gentle class offers inspiration, bonding and a gentle yoga experience for both women and men diagnosed with cancer. Includes breathing exercises, slow stretches, healing yoga sequences, restorative yoga and balancing work appropriate during and after cancer treatment. Soothing music, rejuvenating postures and deep relaxation are combined to calm and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Restorative Yoga:

Restorative yoga consists of soothing and well-supported poses that provide for complete relaxation that profoundly rejuvenates the body and mind. The body is supported by props to allow for deep opening and release, especially in the spine, hips, shoulders, chest and internal organs. Breath awareness is practiced in the gentle poses to further promote relaxation and stress reduction. This restorative practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind.

Private Lessons:

The study of yoga began is a dialog between teacher and student and has traditionally been practiced one-on-one. I honor that tradition by offering private yoga instruction for individual students or small groups. Private yoga instruction is a great way to meet your individual needs for body-mind health, relaxation and stress management. Whether you are brand new to yoga, have a physical condition that needs special attention, or you would just like to have a specialized consultation regarding your personal yoga practice, I will tailor the practice to fit your needs.

Corporate Classes:

Yoga and Pilates provide the benefits of training and fitness as well as stress and weight management. Improve your overall work life experience with a beneficial mid- or after-work class.

  • Regular physical activity can help improve your employees level of physical fitness therefore lowering healthcare costs and decreasing the frequency & duration of absenteeism
  • Increase efficiency, productivity & creativity
  • Provide a wide range of yoga, pilates, stress-management & teambuilding experiences for your organization, from on-site classes and lunch-lectures to workshops and retreats.

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